Our Policy

Quality Policy:

We are committed to meet the changing business related challenges through the consistent and committed quality culture.
Quality work reduces cost, improves schedule, and, in doing so, satisfies our customers. We believe in achieving quality by making solid decisions based on facts, identifying issues before they occur, promptly fixing problems should they materialize, and inspiring every person on a project to "do it right the first time.".
We provide the processes, tools, training, and expertise to improve the identification and resolution of quality issues while capturing lessons learned, following global industry standards and best practices within a collaborative workspace. Precision is a critical part of our collective commitment to quality and timely delivery of our services to our esteemed customers, all over the world..

We do this by:

  • Ensuring leaders at all levels of Weltspitze Engineering Pvt. Ltd. understands, they are accountable to deliver on the commitments of this policy.

  • Recognizing risks to our successful delivery and taking effective actions to address these issues.

  • Having effective,efficient and consistently applied Quality Management Systems.

  • Understanding and complying with legal, industry and other external requirements.

  • Establishing and attaining clear Quality objectives.

  • Measuring and acting upon our customer’s feedback.

  • Monitoring and continually reviewing our performance to determine areas for improvement and sharing of best practice.

  • Assuring our successful delivery through an agreed assurance process.

  • Learning lessons from our service delivery, nonconformances and incidents to promote continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

    At Weltspitze Engineering Private Limited, we care for our people and the environment. We ensure that our people have a safe, healthy and secure workplace; this is a fundamental right.

    How we provide this:

  • Care for our people.

  • Identify and manage hazards to eliminate or mitigate resultant risks.

  • Prevent injury, ill-health, pollution and loss resulting from our activities..

  • Be responsible in our approach to protecting the environment and minimizing our impacts..

  • Deliver continual improvement in our health, safety, security and environmental performance..